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Are you set on coming out to the wonderful state to explore the princely state of Rajasthan? Are you ready or not for the journey full of energetic colors, of impressive palaces and of marvelous culture? With our Rajasthan tours your and your family can look without any worry circumnavigate the breathtaking sphere. Shall we begin exploring the details of what you can expect from Rajasthan tour schedule?

Rajasthan Heritage Tour

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Forts and Palaces Tour invite you to a memorable trip down the lanes of history and behold the abound architectural splendor of this land.

Exploring the Royal Cities:

We will travel to Jodhpur, the blue city; Jaipur, the capital; and Udaipur, the city of lakes of India. In Jaipur, the ‘Pink City’ to Udaipur, ‘The lake city’ and each of the cities has a different history and charm.Don’t miss Jodhpur the Blue City, and Jaisalmer the Golden City, regalia of ancient forts and flourishing markets.

Palaces and Forts:

Rajasthan is well known for its majestic palaces and towers that have been built in the style of royalty of the time they were constructed. Observe the magnificence of Amber Fort in Jaipur, lose yourself among the glamor of the City Palace in Udaipur and be impressed by the imposing Mehrangarh Fort located in Jodhpur. All these structures, which are brimming with history, never fail to awaken memories of royal Rajasthan traditions.

Cultural Experiences:

Be swept away by Rajasthan’s vibrant culture through music, dance, and food that is so full of tradition. See Rajasthani folk dance actions come to life as ballerinas move around in vivid colors to the sound of traditional music. Rajasthan will definitely be a gastronomic adventure for you if you love to eat. Consider trying dal bati churma which is one of the traditional dishes here.

Desert Safari:

Rajasthan is a place that cannot be fully experienced until you have ridden the desert safari in the Thar Desert. Jump onto a camel and journey through the golden sands as the sunset time comes, and the sun sets behind the horizon, slowly turning the sky into shades of orange and pink. In the Rajasthan Tour Packages for family, spend an evening at a desert camp where you will gain cultural experiences by mingling with the locals and watching traditional Rajasthani hospitality and cultural performances around a crackling bonfire.

Shopping Spree:

One of the main reasons why Rajasthan has earned the title of a shopper’s paradise is the incredible collection of handicrafts, textiles, and jewelry it offers. Shop at Jaipur and Jodhpur amazing bazaars markets where you can bargain for silk embroidered textiles, fine bangles and handmade pottery. Remember to get yourself innovative miniature paintings and Rajasthani puppets that will remind you of your travel for a long time.

Wildlife Safari:

For nature, Rajasthan is a place to view the abundance of wildlife in their natural environment. It is an adventure to go for a safari in Ranthambore National Park, which is a natural habitat of the wild Bengal tiger and other wild animals. Be ready with your camera to catch a glimpse of hidden animals as you explore the thick forests and the lawn land.


A journey through the land of Rajasthan will pave the way for the richest memories and experience of kings and queens, forts and palaces, deserts and wildlife. From all-inclusive family-oriented tour packages to an array of culture and adventure that will take you through a hassle-free Rajasthan trip itinerary, you will definitely have a good time. Therefore, hit the highway and explore the royal state of Rajasthan, like no one has ever done before! So, get ready fir the amazing trip now